University sustainability: where should we focus our energies?

From the Guardian Sustainable Business article and debate on University Sustainability

“Universities are the true thought leaders of society and if they don’t lead the way, there is a risk that less independent voices fill the vacuum with their own agenda on the subject of sustainability, rather than insights based on robust research,” wrote Jonathon Porritt for the network last year.

A year on, are universities driving the sustainability movement forward – or has energy on this issue stalled? The 2013 People & Planet Green League shows some universities are making more effort than others.

( UCLAN were placed 9th overall in the  2013 People & Planet Green League )

What is higher education‘s role in creating a more sustainable environment for the wider community, as well as its own students and staff? Is it tradition that’s preventing some universities from adopting more ethical forms of procurement, infrastructure and teaching models – or a case of sustainability scepticism among senior heads and academics?

The GSB live chat covered the following topics:

• How sustainability research is being supported and funded

• Challenges and benefits of ethical procurement

• Education’s role in a sustainable future

• Collaborative partnerships

• Where to focus university efforts

Comments were also posted through twitter using the hashtag #HElivechat.

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