And the final piece in Jenni Barrett’s Brutal Ethics posts.

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Following on from the last post (Brutal Ethics Part 2:  Duty or Demolition?), the third group offered their views based on a utilitarian system of ethics – the end justifies the means or the act that satisfies the most people (further explanation of this…here). Here’s the 3rd and final transcript…


“I’m going with keeping the bus station because a lot of people use it.  If they were to knock it down and make a smaller one, it would be hard for people who use it day in and day out for going to different locations in Preston.  There’s not one bus route is there, there’s lots of different bus routes.  And thinking about shops in the bus station too.  There’s a lot of shops like newsagents, cafes – thinking about their money that they make to live, basically.  If it was knocked down, they’d have to…

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