A very interesting article on student views of Preston Bus Station, written by Jenni Barrett (CSD member).

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Recently, I chaired a debate amongst 2nd & 3rd year architectural technology students at UCLan, Preston.  The debate applied the three ethical standpoints described in my last blog post to the future/death of Preston Bus Station.  This added a new perspective to this national dilemma and offered an ethical logic to decision making, rather than a reliance on personal ‘feel.’

The first group presented their discussion applied a system of virtue ethics, using judgement based on personal and/or professional moral character.  Here’s a transcript of this part of the debate:

“We wouldn’t like to see Preston Station be demolished due to its significance.

This is one of the main landmarks, one of the things that makes the city stand out

It’s going to cost more to demolish and rebuild it than it is to leave it there, so it’s better to just leave it there

It’s a profit…

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